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Welcome to my website, I'm Barbara Moorby, an Organic Intelligence® (OI™) Coach. I support people around the world to feel better. I use OI coaching to find the support arising and coach people into a life of ease, connection and purpose.


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General support for wellbeing?

Help to be in the here and now?

Positive reinforcement as you tap into creativity?

Support as you navigate decision making?

Improvement in the quality of your relationships?

Increased enjoyment in life?


We grow through support. I am trained by Organic Intelligence to spot the unconscious support emerging from your own system and to reflect that back to you.  

I am offering online interaction, such as Zoom, tailored to your individual requirements. One of our primary impulses is towards integration and self-healing. Resources are arising all the time for our wellbeing. I will identify what is auto-organising for you, bringing you the help you need in the moment.

"Barbara creates a very warm, safe container. Her reflections are well attuned and help me feel supported and very seen. She is present, exceptionally caring and listens deeply." - Andrea

"Barbara has such a solid presence. She exhibits a unique sense of interest in my life and her insights are always spot on. I feel very seen and supported. Thank you Barbara for your inspiring and energizing sessions!" - Erica

"The sessions are now the best part of my week, relationships with family and friends/colleagues are more harmonious and I feel better about myself and my actions. The sessions are light and enhancing and I always feel uplifted afterwards. " - Mary

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